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The Te Manu Toroa Wellness Clinic


The Wellness Clinic has been a project that began two years ago with a trip to Taiwan. A large contingent of Kaupapa Māori Health Providers travelled to Taiwan to observe the therapies that were been provided, inclusive of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. Taiwan has an impressive record of wellness service provision to its people, something whānau wellness providers across the motu are keen to emulate. One of the organisations that travelled to Taiwan alongside Te Manu Toroa has implemented the therapies within their service and are already seeing the benefits of these treatments for their whānau. In 2018 – Te Kohao Heath in Kirikiriroa launched its Wellness Clinic that included Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy. On the 20th of March 2019 – Te Manu Toroa will be launching the second Kaupapa Māori Wellness Clinic to offer these therapies. The Wellness Clinic will consist of both Current Te Manu Toroa Service Users and Private Clients. .

Service Overview

The Te Manu Toroa Wellness Clinic is a new service that provides two treatments - Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and; - Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy Hyperbaric Therapy involves increasing the amount of oxygen supplied to the cells of the body, therefore increasing oxygen absorption. Oxygen has natural healing properties and increasing the amount of circulation throughout the body promotes faster and more effective healing for a wide range of illnesses and injuries. It also provides preventative benefits Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy is widely used to improve circulation & cell metabolism. It is a non-evasive, low stress rehabilitation treatment for amongst other ailments, soft & hard tissue injuries and assists with the body’s natural healing process. .

Service Coverage

This service consists of Current Te Manu Toroa Service Users and Private Clients. - Coverage area for Te Manu Toroa Service Users is mai ngā kuri a Wharei ki Otamarākau - There is no coverage area requirements for Private Clients

Service Cost

Please enquire for more information.

Service Entry

Current Te Manu Toroa Service Users: Referrals from Te Manu Toroa GP Practice and/or Clinical services required. Private Clients: Referrals from other Health & Social Professionals & Self Referrals. Walk ins also accepted .

Contact Details

Phone: 021 246 5653     Fax: 07 571 5832    Email: wellness@temanutoroa.org.nz     Address: 10 Tebbs Lane, Gate Pa, Tauranga